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Zelda Fans Are Already Queuing for Tears Of The Kingdom

It's a three-day line for some of them.

While you're probably patiently waiting at home for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom to launch on May 12, some fans took it a step further and started queuing up in front of the Nintendo World store in New York three days before the release.

For context: Nintendo New York is hosting a special midnight launch event available for those quick and lucky enough to make a reservation. 

As reported by Nintendo Life, one of the people waiting in queue is Alex Pekala, also known as Captain Nintendo Dude. He was first in line for the Switch launch in 2017 after waiting there for a month together with Isaiah "TriForce" Johnson.

Unfortunately, Pekala won't be the first this time as he couldn't get the Warp Pipe Pass for midnight, so he'll have to wait until 10 in the morning. This Zelda wait is going to be his longest without leaving the line. You can track his movement on Twitter.

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