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We conduct quantitative and qualitative research by conducting interviews & surveys with gamers, game developers, digital artists, and other industry professionals.

What type of research can we do?

Qualitative Research

Interviews and non-standardized approaches to collect information. Focus on exploring people's attitudes, perceptions, motivations, and behaviors. Methods are designed to gather detailed data from a small group.

Quantitative Research

More structured and involves collecting numerical data through surveys, questionnaires, and other statistical techniques. It is used to gather information from a large group to identify patterns, correlations, and trends in the market.

Market overview

Gain a broad understanding of a particular market. This can include market size, major players, growth potential, consumer data, etc. This research can help the company identify opportunities, assess competition, and make informed decisions about market entry or expansion.

Market trends

Identify specific ongoing and emerging trends in the market. This research aims to provide insights into the factors driving changes: shifting consumer preferences, technological advancements, revisions in regulatory policies, etc. It can help the company anticipate changes in the market, adjust the marketing strategy, and identify new growth opportunities.

Product hypotheses validation

Test and validate assumptions about a particular product/service to ensure it meets customer needs and expectations. Leveraging customer feedback helps businesses identify potential product pitfalls early on, make data-driven decisions on features that resonate with consumers, optimize pricing strategies, and uncover new market opportunities.

Why us?


Years in the gaming industry


Completed research reports


Presentations on GDC and Devcom conferences


Audience and potential research participants access across media channels

USA, Europe, MENA, and Asia regions coverage with access to a local audience and experienced research specialists in these regions

Growing community of game development specialists and decision-makers

What will you get?

Research based on the information directly from gamers, gamedev specialists, industry experts & decision makers

Analysis wrapped in a detailed report with main insights and actionable data which you can use to land new clients and improve your work

Support & assistance from 80 Level Research Team

Designed PDF file with charts and infographics

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