Calvin Cropley is a 

Environment / Prop Artist

from Melbourne, Australia


Environment Art
Material Art



Materials From Wilsons Promontory
I was out and about a few months ago. Finally got around to working on the following materials.
Here we have a variety of surfaces I manage to mash up together whilst scouting on my adventure to Wilson's Promontory, although most of the hike was grassland and mountains, I managed to spot some interesting shapes that I wanted to capture that were in the area. Hard Mixed Rock, Orange Lichen, Sand Dunes, and the Asphalt in the Parking Lot.

Far From Home.
Reference: Philippines.
Inspiration: Recreation of a childhood home, housing the memory of my neighborhood, my first exploration into video games, and family memories.

The scene is a construct of self-made assets, real-life trash, posters, scan data, materials created from personal collection, as well as Quixels Megascans asset and variation materials from the library.

Variation includes randomness, Foliage brush, dirt, and procedural elements using Substance Designer and Scan Data.

Lighting and Environment constructed using Unreal Engine 5.

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