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80 Level Cloud Experiences Digest: From Space to Ancient Temples

Check out some of the new experiences that have been added to the 80 Level's cloud streaming service.

In the ever-evolving world of 3D experience, 80 Level Cloud Experiences artists continue to dazzle us with captivating environments. This week, we're excited to showcase three exceptional cloud experiences that we feel are deserving to mention.

Mars Sanctuary - click here to launch

Created by Pavel Inozemtsev

Image credit: Pavel Inozemtsev

Mars Sanctuary is a sci-fi tribute to one of the artist's favorite games of all time – Doom 3. With the environment, Pavel wanted to get to the next level of design and modular workflow, using the harmony of shapes. Everything you see in the environment was modeled from scratch. "I used a mid-poly style of modeling with modeled decals and trims placed on object surfaces. My partner Tatiana made some sci-fi panel concepts and worked on UV mapping,” wrote the artist. 

Image credit: Pavel Inozemtsev

Image credit: Scans Factory

Medieval Fantasy Ruins is a meticulously crafted world where ancient castles, overgrown forests, and mystical atmospherics await your exploration. The team used photogrammetry assets to assemble the project 

Image credit: Scans Factory

Image credit: Machina Infinitum

Explore this endless fractal world created with the Mecha Fractal plugin for Unreal Engine.  Created by Machina Infinitum. Mecha Fractal plugin for Unreal Engine is dedicated to creating abstract environments, concept art, landscape creations and also in games. It also includes some killer new features: VR support, PBR textures, looping parameters and textures, custom coloring options, new fractal formulas

Image credit: Machina Infinitum

These cloud experiences are just a glimpse of the incredible content available on the 80 Level Cloud Experiences platform. Whether you're an artist looking to showcase your work or an enthusiast seeking unique digital adventures, our platform offers a diverse range of interactive worlds to explore.

Stay tuned for new cloud experiences and keep sending us incredible experiences. Feel free to reach out with questions.

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About 80 Level Cloud Experiences:

80 Level Cloud Experiences is a cutting-edge platform that brings together artists, creators, and enthusiasts to explore and showcase 3D experiences. From gaming environments to virtual museums, our platform offers a canvas for creativity and imagination to flourish. Join us in redefining the future of digital experiences.

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