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80 Level Ratings: 7 Useful Tutorials on Creating Dioramas in Blender

In this week's rating, we collected seven super useful tutorials that will help you to learn how to create astonishing dioramas in Blender.

Hello everyone! In recent months, we saw a huge spike in both stylized and realistic dioramas made specifically in Blender, which is not surprising, considering that with each update Blender becomes more of a jack-of-all-trades-type of software, allowing its users to create almost anything they want. As a result of that spike, more and more aspiring artists become interested in the art of diorama-making and want to learn both the basics and the advanced techniques they can use to create their own cozy little worlds.

To make the learning process a little bit easier for the beginners, in this week's 80 Level Rating, we collected 7 in-depth tutorials that cover all the aspects of diorama-making in Blender and should definitely help aspiring artists to get the hang of it.

We'll begin this week's 80 Level Rating with a lengthy in-depth tutorial by Polygon Runway, 3D Designer Roman Klčo's educational channel, on creating a Star Wars-inspired diorama in Blender 3.1. In this tutorial, Roman shows the entire process from start to finish, demonstrates the modeling, painting, and rendering workflows, shares some useful tips and tricks on dioramas in general, and even shows how to create a simple model of Star Wars Rebels' Grand Inquisitor. Despite being over an hour long, the tutorial is very beginner-friendly and would be a perfect piece of educational material if you are to create your first diorama.

Our next tutorial is a little bit more advanced and would be perfect for those who already know how to work in Blender and want to create a realistic-looking diorama. In this video, Rob Dickinson from the DECODED YouTube channel shared the entire workflow behind a realistic miniature world and explained all the techniques that were used to create it. The artist spoke about using shaders, talked about creating the greenery, shared a little curve trick, and explained how to set up the animations. So, if you are already familiar with Blender, this tutorial might be exactly what you were looking for.

Up next, we have not just one but five tutorials on creating a stylized New York diorama shared by the NVIDIA Studio. In this series of tutorials, 3D Artist Julianna Lebeveda shared all the steps that were taken to create this miniature environment, explained how to sketch the composition on the scene, showed how to add details to the project, demonstrated the modeling and texturing workflows, and more. Much like the first entry on this list, this tutorial is beginner-friendly and would be understandable even if you lack experience with Blender.

Halfway through our list, we have a short but informative tutorial on creating a night forest scene in Blender by 3D Artist Agniv Duarah from the RenderRides YouTube channel. In just ten minutes, the artist explained the entire workflow behind the Isometric Forest project and explained how to create a similar scene with no tedious modeling involved. Plus, the artist showed how to set up the night lighting and render the environment, all in Blender.

The next spot on our list belongs to 3D Artist Justin Geis from The CG Essentials channel. In this tutorial, you will learn how to model and set up an environment for rendering an interior diorama model in Blender. Justin explained how to create the model, set up your lighting, use asset library assets to fill out your model, and the rendering settings you need to create a great looking interior diorama. 

Polygon Runway's Roman Klčo appears on this list again with one more informative tutorial released just a week ago. This one covers the working process behind an outdoors summer environment and shows the entire workflow from start to finish. 

And finally, closing this week's rating on the topic of summer, we have a great 7-part beginner tutorial series by Grant Abbitt that would be perfect for Blender apprentices. In these tutorials, Grant showed how to create a low poly sea shack scene, thoroughly explaining each step including modeling, texturing, rendering, lighting, and animation. Plus, the artist showed how to work with stylized water in Blender, which would be useful even if you don't plan to create any dioramas in the near future. Overall, a great learning material for aspiring Blender Artists.

These were our picks for this week's Blender dioramas Rating. Do you agree with our list? What tutorials should we have added here? What helped you to learn the art of diorama-making? Leave your thoughts down in the comments below or on our Reddit pageour Telegram channelInstagram, or Twitter.

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