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80 Level Ratings: Best YouTube Channels for Character Artists

In this article, we collected 7 YouTube channels with tutorials and breakdowns related to character art for both beginners and experienced artists.

Giulia Marchetti

Giulia is a Chilean 3D Artist who works in ZBrush, Substance Painter and Blender. The artist creates stylized 3D characters and has a great compilation of timelapse videos called Character Creation Timelapse where you can watch the process step by step.

Giulia goes through the essential stages of 3D character design from Blockout to Texturing using ZBrush, Blender, and Substance Painter. Giulia also has some videos dedicated to the basics of working in Blender and ZBrush.


Yan is a French 3D Artist who designs characters in Blender. Yan has tutorials for both the absolute beginners and those who know a thing or two about 3D art. There is also a character creation series called 3D Character Creation Walkthrough on Yan's channel where the artist demonstrates the process of creating different characters from the early stages all the way to texturing.

In addition, you can find videos dedicated to sculpting specific parts of the face that are crucial to the character's final look – the mouth, the skin, and the eyes.

Ida Faber

Ida Faber is a Character Artist from Latvia who only recently started making tutorials on character creation. Faber's YouTube channel looks very promising and can be a great source of knowledge for beginning Character Artist. As for right now, there are two fantastic tutorials on the channel, one shows how to make a 10k vertical, game-ready hairstyle without using XGen during the working process, and the other demonstrates the process of making Blendshapes in Maya for Unreal Engine 4. Plus, there are multiple character previews for those who want to see Faber's characters.


Our next channel is PIXXO 3D and it is specifically dedicated to Blender. The author of the channel creates quality 3D educational content, whether you are into motion graphics or sculpting, PIXXO 3D has got you covered. Due to this channel's fascination with Blender, Character Artists who use this tool in their production will find it especially interesting. PIXXO 3D shows the process of sculpting in Blender and what brushes are necessary, explains how to rig characters using various versions of Blender, and for absolute beginners, there is also a tutorial on making a human model in Blender.

TomCAT – Characters, Art and Tutorials

The TomCAT YouTube channel is great for both beginning and experienced artists who want to learn more about stylized character creation. Every aspect of character-making has its own video, so it is very easy to navigate the channel and find the exact tutorial you need. From modeling the head and making hair to rendering the character and setting up Sub Surface Scattering, TomCAT has you covered. So, if stylized characters is what you want to create, you should definitely check this channel out.

Hai Phan

While being inactive for six years now, the Hai Phan YouTube channel still deserves to be talked about. Back in 2014, the author of this channel, a 3D Character Artist who worked on Overwatch, the Guild Wars series, the Rift MMO, and various other titles Hai Phan, shared a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a game-ready character. The artist explained the High Res Modeling Theory and how to apply it, showed how to bake maps, and demonstrated the texturing process. This series of tutorials will be very helpful for beginning Character Artists who want to create their first projects and don't know where to start.


If you want to create Asian and anime-releated characters, then the FlyCat YouTube channel has you covered. The author of the channel, a Vietnamese Character Artist shares timelapse videos and tutorials that you can check out and learn some new character creation techniques. Whether it is a stylized chibi, an anime girl, or an almost realistic Asian woman, FlyCat demonstrates how to create all of them – from creating an initial model to rendering and lighting the finished project.

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