Character Art

Designing Characters for a Puzzle Shooter in ZBrush and Substance

Aleksey Svischev has talked about designing characters for a canceled game Voices, shared the workflow in ZBrush, and explained how to combine realistic and stylized looks.


Aleksey Svischev

Published on

Jul 20, 2021

Designing a Mysterious Bloodborne-Inspired Hunter in Unreal Engine 4

Dmitry Radushinskyi tells us the twisted dark backstory of a hunter named Eldritch Gunslinger Grimwald who got nearly insane in his search for wisdom, shares some great tips on working with references like a pro, and explains why Unreal Engine is one of the best tools for cinematic rendering.


Dmitry Radushinskiy

Published on

Jul 16, 2021

Recreating Buttercup Using Object Scanning in ZBrush, Maya & UE4

Pouria Roshan talks about the challenges of reimagining popular cartoon characters, explains how the scanning for the true-to-life version of Buttercup was performed, and shares some tips on texturing the characters to make sure they look good after rendering in Unreal Engine.


Pouria Roshan

Published on

Jul 15, 2021

Creating Animated Robots in Maya, ZBrush, and Unreal Engine

Denis Daraban takes us through the process of creating the robot army all the way from creating basic shapes in Maya to texturing in Substance Painter and rendering inside Unreal Engine, explains how to make baking quick and easy, and shares some other tips on optimizing the process.


Denis Daraban

Published on

Jul 14, 2021

From Wax Sculpture to 3D Character Design in ZBrush

Graeme Gordon talks about shifting from being a sculptor to creating 3D characters, explains how different digital sculpting is from building models in real life, and discusses the importance of being open to new information and making connections in the 3D community.


Graeme Gordon

Published on

Jul 07, 2021

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