Character Art

Solo Artist Turned Game Developer Creates a Game with Real-Time Tools

Digital Artist and Game Developer José Tijerín has told us about the character creation process behind his upcoming visual novel Dear Althea and explained why Reallusion's Character Creator was picked as a go-to tool.


José Antonio Tijerín

Published on

Nov 24, 2021

Mandalorian: Creating an Animated Tribute to the Series in Maya & UE5

Guillermo Moreno and Emilio Serrano talked about their Mandalorian animation, inspired by the series, explained the workflow behind the project, and told us why they picked Unreal Engine 5.

Creating Sova from Valorant with Blender, ZBrush & Marvelous Designer

Caterina Sumalla talked about making the 3D recreation of Sova from Valorant, discussed including Blender into the character art workflow, and told us about using the FlowMap to add the hair shine.


Caterina Sumalla

Published on

Nov 09, 2021

Relicts: Creating an Animated Horror Movie

The Director of the upcoming horror film Relicts Arkadiy Demchenko has told us about the production process behind the film, discussed character rigging, mocap, and hair creation, and talked about the hardships the team has to go through to deliver a fantastic result.


Arkadiy Demchenko

Published on

Nov 08, 2021

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