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A Calming European-Style Scene Made With Megascans & UE5

The project is the artist's first render ever made.

3D Artist and an aspiring Level Designer known only as Yanar has recently shared a look at Middle Europe, an absolutely gorgeous real-time 3D environment that, at first, can easily be mistaken for a simple video recording, all thanks to the scene's realistic lighting and the fantastic camera shake effect set up by the creator.

According to the author, the scene was created using Megascans assets in Unreal Engine 5.1 and is the artist's first render ever made. Unfortunately, not much else has been revealed regarding the technical side of Middle Europe, but we have already contacted Yanar to learn more, so stay tuned.

If you would like to create similar projects but don't know how to start, we also recommend checking out these informative tutorials by William Faucher, in which he explains how to work with lighting in Unreal Engine and shows how to set up a similar camera shake effect:

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