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A Closer Look at Green Goblin Design From Spider-Man No Way Home Artist

Take a look at Phil Saunders's concept art for several popular movies.

Phil Saunders, a concept artist who's worked on multiple famous movies, shared concepts of Green Goblin from Spider-Man: No Way Home.

"The goal was to take the iconic suit design from the Sam Raimi movie and update it just enough for the MCU without losing the instant read. On top of that, we wanted to find a way to evoke the original comic book silhouette," said Saunders.

The artist mentioned that the idea behind the MCU-style comic book costume was that the purple hoodie was get shredded in an explosion and a few strips of fabric were used to wrap the damaged armor on the arms. The goggles were meant to have been stolen from Doctor Octopus.

Saunders said that the team had several ideas about the origins of Green Goblin's armor, which, unfortunately, didn't get to the film due to limited screen time.

"The concept went through a number of ideas, from stolen Stark Tech from a raided Damage Control container to parts scavenged off of his own glider."

"An earlier script had the villains raiding a Damage Control container ship of Stark tech for parts, and the director was looking for a mismatched collection of armor pieces that would reflect Osborne’s schizophrenic mania."

According to the artist, the upgraded glider is based on Josh Nizzi's design, which got cut from the movie. 

Aside from Spider-Man, Saunders has worked on other popular movies concepts, such as WandaVision, The Avengers, The King's Man, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, and many more.

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