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A Closer Look at the Art of Far Cry 6: Lost Between Worlds

The Ubisoft Toronto team reflected on their journey of creating visuals for the Lost Between Worlds DLC, from inception as concept art pieces to their realization as in-game graphics.

The latest Far Cry 6 expansion, Lost Between Worlds, which was released in December, has offered players new engaging experiences adding new deadly enemies, multiple player paths, fresh lore, innovative chromatic combat and gear, and diverse gameplay challenges.

In addition to an enhanced gameplay experience, the expansion also boasts visually stunning graphics, showcasing the hard work of the creative team, led by Art Director David Clement. 

In a new blog post from Ubisoft Toronto, Clement and the team shared their experience of bringing the game's visuals to life – from concept art to in-game graphics and the collaborative process involved.

"The goal was to take the familiar elements of Yara and shatter them, making something new, exciting, and fresh but familiar," Clement said. "We wanted to go more surreal, feel more strange, and impart a sense of wonder to the player. [Make them] feel like they have stepped into a painting that is beautiful and inviting but in a slightly terrifying way."

You can learn more about the team's creative process by watching the Dev Diary where David Clement and Team Lead Artist Branko Bistrovic discuss the concepts that inspired the Lost Between Worlds expansion and the various design choices that went into its production, talk about the team's aim to create a surreal, strange, and wondrous world for the player, and share how they used different ideas and scenes to make all the parts of the game feel tied together and memorable.

Clement also shared his thoughts on some notable art pieces from the project, including this key concept which was painted by Bistrovic and played a crucial role in defining the Lost Between Worlds identity for the team:

The devs pointed out that the dramatic effect of the DLC was enhanced by lighting, with Senior Lighting Artist Adriano Grasso accentuating the striking purple safe zones, imbuing a surreal and intense atmosphere.

The team also emphasized Senior Level Artist Victor Rucareanu's contribution to one of the most thrilling rifts which are inciting players to flee for survival through their aggressive shape language.

"For this venture, we also wanted to extend artistic ideas and content beyond the visual wrapper from Far Cry 6. We offered this opportunity to the team and received many fresh and creative ideas, which allowed Lost Between Worlds to become a very rewarding and empowering experience across the team," Clement said

You can see more outstanding artworks created by the Ubisoft Toronto team by visiting its ArtStation page.

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