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A Hyperrealistic 3D Render Stylized as a Mobile Phone Photo

The artist utilized Blender and Lightroom to set up the scene.

As the days pass, I find myself understanding r/Blender's rule on requiring proof for photorealistic renders more and more since we are at a point when a digital 3D environment can easily be indistinguishable from reality, depending on the author's personal skills.

Case in point: a recent 3D render shared by Reddit user and Professional Video Editor known as DeaVenom that, at first, second, and third glances, could easily be mistaken for a genuine mobile phone photograph of the haunting interior of an abandoned building:

According to the creator, the scene was set up using a combination of Blender and Lightroom and was intentionally stylized to look like a real-life photo. "I wanted to go for that really smooth look that cheap phone cameras have, so I cranked up the noise reduction and color noise reduction in Lightroom, and it really sells it well," commented the artist. "I also wanted it to look like the phone was cranking up the shadows, so I increased the shadows and made the darks clip."

An obligatory piece of evidence that this is indeed CG and not an edited photograph:

And here are some of DeaVenom's previous works:

We highly encourage you to visit DeaVenom's Reddit page to check out more of their awesome projects. And if you'd like to learn more about creating photorealistic renders in Blender, we also recommend reading a comprehensive breakdown shared recently by Rayan Zomorodi, who showed 80 Level the workflow behind the Windowsill project, explaining how he made the surface imperfections and tweaked rendering settings to make it look so realistic.

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