A New Open-Source Auto-Retopology Tool

Check out a powerful new remeshing tool.

Developer Jeremy Hu has recently released AutoRemesher, a new open-source auto-retopology tool that allows users to convert meshes into clean, animation-friendly all-quad geometry for all kinds of projects.

The tool is now in alpha and it will become a part of Dust3D, MegaGrant-winning open-source toolkit which is an alternative to native topology tools in Blender and other apps.

The project was launched as an alternative to Dust3D’s native remeshing features.

The developer described Instant Meshes as “super-fast, with high-quality quads generation.” Please note that it is still a work in progress, so you might get holes after remeshing.

The toolkit mixes two open-source projects, quad extraction system libQEx, and the CoMISo Constrained Mixed-Integer Solver to optimize the geometry of your mesh.

You can learn more here and get the tool on GitHub

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