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A New Stable Diffusion Plug-In For GIMP & Krita

The tool allows generating images with the help of text prompts. 

You can now use Stable Diffusion directly in GIMP and Krita, free and open-source graphics editors, with this new plug-in made by nousr. With the help of a text prompt and AI, make your pictures more realistic or detailed. You don't even have to draw well – just put the outlines and colors of objects where you want them and type what it's supposed to be, and Stable Diffusion will make it look good.

The GIMP version even allows using Google Colab as the GPU backend.

Stable Diffusion is an AI-powered text-to-image model capable of creating great images from text prompts and rough sketches. It's open-source, so its inclusion in GIMP and Krita makes the tools extra attractive for artists.

While nousr advised other creators against making their own GIMP plug-ins as "it’s just not worth the headache" due to the app using Python 2.7, they published the code for the Krita plug-in on GitHub. You can get it there to accelerate your art workflow for free.

Since Stable Diffusion became open-source, many have tried to combine it with different software, for example, Figma, Houdini, or Artbreeder, which will officially use the model for its image creation. If you want to know how to best make prompts for neural networks, check out Phraser in our article.

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