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A Roguelike Game Combines Hades Gameplay With Chinese Ink-Painting

Realm of Ink, an upcoming ink-style action roguelite game, has been officially announced.

Developers Leap Studio and Maple Leaf Studio have recently shared a new trailer, officially announcing Realm of Ink, an upcoming action roguelite game with RPG elements that combines Hades' gameplay with traditional Chinese ink-painting.

In this game, you start playing as the swordsman Red, unlocking other characters along the way. Your task is to defeat four Bosses to reclaim your destiny and recover the elusive Ink Gems, revealing more about the game's world and playable characters.

Each Boss resides in a unique realm, encompassing the lush landscapes of the Buddhist forests, the frosty enchantment of the Monkey Kingdom, the serene yet ominous waterland, and the ancient and venerated ruins of the Mausoleum. However, be cautious, as beyond the captivating scenery lie numerous concealed demons, obscure secrets, and lurking perils waiting to be uncovered and confronted.

"Ink Gems have assorted appearances, and they will reinforce one another. Use them to explore diverse build of martial arts schools and master powerful skills of Yin and Yang to defeat enemies with a single strike! You can also engage in long-term character development outside of combat and unlock new combinations of moves and combat styles. With a dual-cycle system inside and outside combat, you'll have a fresh experience every time."

Image Credit: Leap Studio/Maple Leaf Studio, Realm of Ink

Image Credit: Leap Studio/Maple Leaf Studio, Realm of Ink

Image Credit: Leap Studio/Maple Leaf Studio, Realm of Ink

The game is scheduled to be released sometime in 2024. You can learn more about Realm of Ink here and wishlist the game over here.

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