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A Stunning Face Study in Blender Cycles and Krita

This marvelous project by Chris Jones looks completely out of this world.

Australian Artist and Illustrator Chris Jones has unveiled an absolutely astonishing face study made in Blender and Krita. The resulting character looks incredibly realistic and could have been easily mistaken for a real person if not for the skin that was purposefully made multicolored using two Magic Texture nodes to separate the skin tones and for the marbling effect, and Voronoi to break up the edges. According to the author, all the little details of the character were modeled and textured by him in Blender and Krita and rendered in Cycles on 2008 vintage PC & Surface Pro 4 in 2 and a half months.

"I believe I’ve finally reached that point where the software is pushing back harder than I can push forward, although it’s taken a lot longer to get to this point than it did last time around," comments Chris.

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