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Adobe Announces a Series of Innovations That Would Fuel the Metaverse

At the Adobe Summit Digital Experience Conference, Adobe presented its vision of the metaverse and announced new innovations and integrations that enable brands to succeed in it.

At the Adobe Summit Digital Experience Conference that was held this week, Adobe shared that it supports immersive experiences and believes in the metaverse, although its vision of it differs from what Meta or several other tech companies are pursuing.

According to Adobe, the metaverse and shared immersive experiences can bring crucial business opportunities enhancing customer experiences and building brand awareness as the company's conception of a digitally-interactive future suggests "a rich, persistent, interactive experience featuring co-creation and fully functioning shared economies". 

Adobe compares integrating the metaverse into commerce with the digital transformation that, over the last decades, brought a lot of businesses online. The company also believes that it is 3D digital versions of existing products and services that will form the metaverse.

Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen shared: "Increasingly, we’re using the digital world to do things that we once only did in the physical world. The ongoing conversation on the metaverse reflects the fact that the distinction between what people do in the physical and virtual world is blurring."

To fuel immersive experiences, Adobe presented new innovations and integrations across Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Experience Cloud that enable brands to succeed in the metaverse. Among these new innovations is the launch of the new Adobe Substance 3D Modeler in beta which makes 3D creation and sharing more accessible.

The company also introduced new or expanded partnerships with companies like Epic Games, NVIDIA, NASCAR, and Coca-Cola. Besides, Adobe announced it's investing in its own products and backing glTF and usdz file formats that, as the company believes, can make moving 3D files from one platform to another easier.

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