Adobe Releases Substance 3D Sampler 3.4

The new version of the tool brings new features designed to improve the quality of materials and boost the speed of 3D workflows.

Adobe has announced the release of Substance 3D Sampler 3.4.0, an upgraded version of the picture-to-3D material tool from the Substance 3D family, previously known as Substance Alchemist. According to the announcement, the newly-released version of Sampler brings some new features designed to improve the quality of materials and boost ease and efficiency for 3D artists working with the tool's assets.

The highlight of the update is the novel function that will allow you to export parametric assets to a wide range of apps, including Substance 3D Painter, Blender, Unreal Engine, Photoshop, and other software that supports SBSAR files. With the new version, you can modify parametric materials directly within the software of your choice, allowing you to speed up iteration by cutting out any lengthy back and forth between Sampler and other apps.

You can learn more about the new function by checking out this informative tutorial shared by the Substance 3D team:

Another great feature added by 3.4 was the ability to add metadata to a material, inputting the physical properties of a material. With this update, the material’s SBSAR file is essentially a complete container containing information on the material’s appearance, as well as metadata on its physical properties – characteristics such as Bending, Shear, Friction, and more. This data is used to ensure the material reacts appropriately with simulations of physics.

And finally, thanks to Substance 3D Sampler’s new Python API, you can now create plug-ins and scripts, allowing you to customize your interface, making it easy to integrate Sampler into your pipeline, and to set up your workflow overall, in any way you wish.

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