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Amid Helldivers 2 Controversy, Game's Community Manager Almost Got Fired

The good news is that they weren't.

Image credit: Arrowhead Game Studios, HELLDIVERS 2

Amidst the recent controversy that arose after Sony's mandate of creating PSN accounts to access Helldivers 2 on PC, someone almost lost a job.

If you're wondering who I'm talking about, let me tell you – it's Spitz, the Community Manager of Helldivers 2, who recently revealed that they nearly lost their job for advising players to leave negative reviews on Steam and seek refunds after Sony's controversial decision. 

"Turns out that telling people to review-bomb and refund a game isn't a popular decision with the publisher. But I'm still here and I'm glad that we all made a difference," they shared.

Image credit: Arrowhead Game Studios, HELLDIVERS 2

Earlier on, users on the Helldivers 2 Discord server noted that Spitz showed more concern than other managers about the situation. Spitz openly criticized Sony's decision and advised dissatisfied players to leave negative reviews on Steam to voice their discontent. Despite this, Spitz urged Discord users not to criticize the game developers, as they were not responsible for the issue.

"Players making their displeasure known through reviews, refunds etc. gives us more pull in the discussion with Sony," Spitz stated on Saturday (via PC Gamer). "It hurts to see the game's popularity suffer in ratings, but discussions are ongoing and we are on the side of players in this fight."

Many players showed their support for the Community Manager and some feared that Spitz might lose the job due to such messages. Well, the good news is that Spitz is still with us.

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  • Anonymous user

    This is propaganda. He was "almost fired", as in, given a gentle reprimand, for ridiculing and insulting forum members.


    Anonymous user

    ·a month ago·

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