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Helldivers 2 Is Bombed with Negative Reviews After Controversy with PSN Account Linking Requirement

Players in 177 countries can't now purchase the game.

UPD: Sony has dropped the mandatory PSN linking requirement for PC players.

"Helldivers fans – we've heard your feedback on the Helldivers 2 account linking update. The May 6 update, which would have required Steam and PlayStation Network account linking for new players and for current players beginning May 30, will not be moving forward.

We're still learning what is best for PC players and your feedback has been invaluable. Thanks again for your continued support of Helldivers 2 and we'll keep you updated on future plans," stated PlayStation's team on Twitter.

Image credit: Arrowhead, Helldivers 2

You've probably already heard that the Helldivers 2 purchase halted on Steam in around 177 countries on May 5, sparking online discussions.

The pause followed Sony's requirement for a mandatory PSN account linking to play the game on PC, restricting access in regions where such accounts are unavailable. 

As expected, this action led to certain consequences. To be more specific, the game's positive reviews shifted to "overwhelmingly negative". Now, negative feedback for once a beloved game goes to over 57%.

"You can purchase this game from all over the globe, you can only play it if you're in one of Sony's 69 approved countries. The three months of players who ain't from the list now have a brick of a game. How does that seem fair," asked one user on Steam.

"I was so busy having fun that I forgot about corporate greed for a moment," wrote another user.

"I recommend this game to anyone looking to be part of SONY's next exciting data breach!"

Following the controversy over Helldivers 2, many players tried to get refunds for the shooter. Some users shared on the Helldivers 2 subreddit their successful refund experiences, while others were reportedly denied by Steam support.

As for the developer, Arrowhead is seemingly trying to solve the situation and is still in talks with Sony.

"On a serious note: We are talking solutions with PlayStation, especially for non-PSN countries. Your voice has been heard, and I am doing everything I can to speak for the community – but I don't have the final say," shared Arrowhead CEO Johan Pilstedt on Twitter.

However, one thing that definitely triggered the community even more was the fact that Arrowhead's CEO knew that this would happen six months in advance.

"We knew for about 6 months before launch that it would be mandatory for online PS titles."

Well, as for now, we can only wait and see what's coming next, if players actually manage to reach out to PlayStation's heads and solve the situation.

"Waking up to the sunshine of yesterday replaced with a dreary drizzle and shivering winds makes me reflect on how I spent my time in those rare few moments when all was perfect.

Yet rain is essential to growth and is what changes spring into summer. I will just have to wait for the sunshine to return," wrote Pilestedt.

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