Helldivers 2 New Patch Brings Balance Changes, Increases the Level Cap to 150 & More

The Arrowhead team continues to meticulously fix all the bugs.  

Image credit: Arrowhead, Helldivers 2

Arrowhead recently released a big patch for Helldivers 2, which features lots of improvements, including balance changes, a bigger level cap, new planetary hazards, and even more.

First of all, the developer increased the level cap to 150, which is a pretty big number. Adding to that, update 01.000.200, which is available for PS5 and PC via Steam, got blizzards and sandstorms as new planetary hazards for Helldivers to contend with in their fight.

Secondly, the team implemented some changes regarding the balance: while some changes aim to provide a smoother gameplay experience, not all adjustments lean in that direction. Speaking of which, Retrieve Essential Personnel missions are now easier, while Destroy Command Bunkers missions are more challenging. Operation modifiers that increase cooldowns now have a reduced effect, benefiting all players, and improvements have been made to the effectiveness of Helldivers' heavy and medium armor. 

Speaking of weaponry, the Anti-Materiel Rifle, Breaker Incendiary, and Dominator have received damage boosts, while the Slugger has been weakened. Several enemy types, including the Charger, Bile Spewer, and Nursing Spewer, have been toned down. However, the formidable Bile Titan is now resistant to stuns.

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