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An Animated 2D Character Made With Midjourney and Avatarify

This project was made by Fabian Stelzer to test out the abilities of various text-to-image AIs.

Tech Artist and AI enthusiast Fabian Stelzer has unveiled the results of a cool experiment with the Midjourney text-to-image AI. This time, the artist has managed to set up a simple character animation using the aforementioned network to generate the old man portrait, Avatarify, a neural network-powered app that can put pre-recorded expressions on a photo, to give the man facial animations, and Synthesia, to set up the character's voice. In the end, the artist created a fully-generated animation that was made almost entirely by different AIs.

This project is a part of Fabian's absolutely enormous "DALL-E 2 vs Midjourney vs StableDiffusion" Twitter thread, a lengthy series of posts dedicated to comparing and contrasting the AIs and showing how they interpret the same prompts. If you are a fan of generative art, we highly recommend checking out the full thread by visiting the author's Twitter page.

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