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An Upcoming UE5-Powered Horror Shooter With Photorealistic Graphics

NIHIL INANE STUDIO showcased its upcoming title inspired by the Japanese horror aesthetic.

Indie game developer known only as NIHIL INANE STUDIO has unveiled a stunning trailer, offering a first glimpse of Lost Fragment, the team's upcoming survival horror game with FPS elements inspired by the unsettling aesthetics of Japanese horror.

Image Credit: NIHIL INANE STUDIO, Lost Fragment

Image Credit: NIHIL INANE STUDIO, Lost Fragment

With the newly disclosed trailer, viewers are treated to a sneak peek of Lost Fragment's gameplay, showing the protagonist navigating the eerie corridors of an abandoned hospital-like structure, with unsettling sounds and haunted doors heightening the game's sense of horror. The trailer's standout feature is undeniably its incredibly realistic graphics and impressive lighting, which give it the appearance of a real-life recording rather than in-game footage.

Image Credit: NIHIL INANE STUDIO, Lost Fragment

Image Credit: NIHIL INANE STUDIO, Lost Fragment

Unfortunately, the devs didn't share any substantial information regarding Lost Fragment, with NIHIL INANE STUDIO itself being relatively obscure and lacking any online presence aside from its YouTube channel that hosts the trailer and a Twitter page created shortly prior to the trailer's release.

The only concrete piece of information shared by the team is the fact that their upcoming horror will be powered by Epic Games' Unreal Engine 5 and that the level shown in the trailer was made by hand without photogrammetry.

Image Credit: NIHIL INANE STUDIO, Lost Fragment

Image Credit: NIHIL INANE STUDIO, Lost Fragment

It appears that 2023 will go down in history as the year when the line between the real and digital worlds has truly started to blur. Earlier, another UE5-powered game, dubbed Unrecord, took the world by storm with its hyperrealistic graphics and unusual vision. In less than a week, the game was wishlisted by more than 600,000 Steam users.

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Comments 2

  • Daluz Luciano

    Looks a lot like another fake game


    Daluz Luciano

    ·9 months ago·
  • Anonymous user

    Давайте будем честны. Она не выйдет. Одно дело сделать красивый графонистый трейлер - другое геймплей. В одиночку такое не вытянуть нормально.
    У Unrecord например, есть геймплей и она всё еще в разработке. Игры делать сложно)

    Let's be honest. She won't come out. It's one thing to make a beautiful  trailer - another gameplay. Alone, this can not be pulled out normally.
    Unrecord, for example, has gameplay and is still in development. Games are hard to make )


    Anonymous user

    ·9 months ago·

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