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Animator Showcases Failed Spider-Verse Animation References

Sam Surplice offers a rare glimpse into the world of rejected refs.

As we all know, access to high-quality references is crucial for any 3D Animator, often determining the success or failure of an animated sequence. When specific references are unavailable, it is common practice for artists to record themselves performing the required movements, using this footage to guide their digital creations.

Occasionally, the online community is treated to impressive showcases that demonstrate these self-made references, comparing them to the final animations from released movies. However, typically only the successful attempts are shared, as most animators prefer not to display the dozens of failed efforts to move an arm or shake a head in just the right way.

Enter Sam Surplice, a freelance senior animator who recently provided a rare glimpse into the world of rejected references. With a short demo, he showcased some of his attempts to perfect a head turn for a shot in the 2023 animated superhero film Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Noting that the final sequence was created in Maya, Sam promised to consider sharing more rejected footage in the future, so we highly encourage you to follow the artist on LinkedIn to stay updated.

And here are some more animation references made for Spider-Verse by various artists:

Custom Animation References Made For Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse

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