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Announcing the Judging Panel for the 80 Level Community Metasites Challenge

Meet the distinguished panel of experts who will be picking the winners.

We are lucky to have such distinguished and talented judges on the panel to help us select the winners. The panel will thoroughly review each submission,for creativity and innovation, aesthetics, and impeccable execution. Our esteemed judges will be leading the voting process through the semi-final and final rounds. The final stage will see our panel of judges come together to choose the three winners.

Brian Harvey 

Technical Art Director @ People Can Fly

Brian Christopher Harvey is a Creative Director with a diverse background in the film, VFX, and gaming industries. Throughout his career, he has been dedicated to crafting compelling visual narratives that push the boundaries of imagination. Each frame he creates is a meticulous fusion of art and technology. Recently, he collaborated with Epic Games on the FNCS 23 show, gaining hands-on experience with Unreal's impressive Avalanche plugin. Currently, he holds the position of Technical Art Director at People Can Fly, an innovative game studio, where he combines his passion for visual storytelling with the dynamic interactivity unique to video games.

David Sheldon Hicks 

Founder at Territory Studio

David co-founded Territory Studio in 2010, a specialist studio that draws on expertise in narrative-led creative design to imagine, realize, and build new worlds. Leading studio locations in the UK, the US, and mainland Europe, David’s love of storytelling, technology, and his eye for emotive details have grown and established the studio’s reputation for beautifully crafted, design-led graphic narratives spanning all genres and media. In 2022, David co-founded Territory Group, a global collective of creative businesses including Territory Studio and Cantina Collective, unlocking further potential for success and growth capacity. In addition to winning Motion Awards and D&AD’s, Territory Studio’s work for Blade Runner 2049 was nominated for an annual Beazley Designs of the Year, and work produced for Spiderman: Miles Morales was recognised at the Clio Awards 2022. In recognition of his creative achievements, David was named one of Creative Review’s Creative Leaders 50.

Nam Nguyen 

Founder & CEO at Supervillain

Nam Nguyen, founder and CEO of Supervillain, an Oakland-based agency, boasts a distinguished career in assembling top-tier teams and elevating practices for influential brands and creative agencies worldwide. Formerly the Global Executive Creative Director of Intel and Agency Inside, Nam played a pivotal role in shaping their design and growth. With key roles in renowned agencies like AKQA, Edelman, Narrative, 360i, and Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, he earned recognition on Forbes' "30 under 30 list" for marketing and advertising. Nam’s leadership style and work ethic come from a decade-long stint in the nonprofit sector, focusing on education, public health, youth and community development, and more.

Kai Henry

CEO @ Fewture Studios

Kai Henry is a new hybrid breed of corporate and cultural strategist focused on innovating organizational infrastructure to fit today's climate. As one of few C-Level executives who deeply understand the sensitive interplay of brand and commerce, Kai is a visionary and cultural seer currently building a new company - Fewture Co - aimed at supporting talent, brands and executives to authentically engage and create with new technology in the internet’s next frontier. Kai began his career managing superstars like Snoop Dogg and David Banner. Kai then developed lifestyle brands like Beats By Dre, SkeeTV, En Noir, Merry Jane, Sol Republic and many others serving as Chief Creative and Strategist, spearheading major ventures and projects establishing a solid reputation for cultivating talent and developing brands. Most recently, Kai served as the Chief Strategy Officer of FaZe Clan, overseeing strategy, creative and Web3 while working closely with, and being an advocate for, the brand’s founders, talent and stakeholders to steer the creative hub that informed FaZe’s corporate decisions. Kai’s experience as CSO of a public company combined with his innate knowledge of internet culture has positioned him for significant moves with Fewture Co in 2024.

Alexey Druzhkov

Lead Texture/ Environment Artist @ Kitbash3D

Alexey Druzhkov, also known as Alexey HRDesign, is a distinguished material and environment artist and a lead texture artist at KitBash3D. His work is characterized by the use of advanced techniques and innovative methods for creating intricate materials. Alexey’s talent has contributed to the success of KB3D’s asset library impacting both gaming and movie industries.

Bengisu Selçuk

Level Artist @ Leartes Studios

Bengisu Selcuk is a self-taught level artist from Istanbul, currently working at Leartes Studios. She concentrates on creating game environments with immersive storytelling using Unreal Engine. She is also a senior undergraduate architecture student at Istanbul Technical University. Her journey began in architecture school but took an unexpected turn when she decided to pursue her passion for game art. She took a self-learning path to develop her level of art skills and portfolio. Always curious to explore technical art, she loves engaging with the community, learning new methods, and delving into all kinds of technical documentation.  

Pasquale Scionti

Principal Lightning/Lookdev Artist @ Tornbanner Studios

3D Archviz and Principal Lighting / Lookdev Specialist, based in Toronto Ontario, lived in Milan Italy and was born in Vancouver Canada. With more than 17 years of professional experience in Architectural Visualization, in the last 4 years, he joined the Video Game Industry. He works with high attention to detail and realism, creating the best visualization possible.

Paul Martin Elias

CEO & Technical Art Director @ threepointzero CGI

Paul Martin Eliasz is an experienced Senior Technical Artist and consultant with a 12-year background in 3D CGI and real-time game engines with a focus on pixel streaming. Leading his studio, he specializes in crafting 3D gamified applications for web streaming, VR, virtual production, XR, and various platforms. Paul has made significant contributions to projects for prestigious clients like Netflix and Bentley while offering consulting services to companies like Outernet Global and PureWeb. Currently, he actively mentors and educates through CG Spectrum, Mastered, CAVE Academy, Symetri (Bentley and Dyson), and Epic Games EMEA, occasionally hosting educational sessions in UK universities and creating tailored content for aspiring Unreal Artists and Unreal Tech Artists in the Virtual Production and Automotive industry.

In conclusion, the success of any creative challenge lies not only in the talent of the participants but also in the expertise and discernment of the judging panel. We are thrilled to have such an incredible panel who will be lending their knowledge to the 80 Level Community Metasites Challenge. With their collective experience and guidance, we are confident that the 80 Level Community Metasites Challenge will be a showcase of outstanding talent, pushing the boundaries of creativity in our vibrant community.

Stay tuned as we embark on this exciting journey together, and may the most groundbreaking metasites rise to the top! Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey with us.

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