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Arcane's Voice Actress Says You'll Be Crying After Season 2

"Nobody will feel good after watching it."

Waiting for new episodes of Arcane might be agonizing but not as lethal as Season 2 itself. That's according to the series' Jinx voice actress Ella Purnell, who revealed some disconcerting information without actually saying anything about the next season.

Get your tissues ready as in an interview with TechRadar, Purnell said that she cried and you will as well when Season 2 ends.

"I actually just went back into the studio to complete some ADR [automated dialog replacement] for the season 2 finale – and I cried. So, I think other people will cry, too. It's devastating, and nobody will feel good after watching it."

Image credit: Riot Games, Fortiche Production

She didn't elaborate, but I'm sure you already have a couple of ideas on how the League of Legends-based will proceed to make you sob. After all, Jinx is officially insane in the game.

Some fans believe the new season will be the end of Jinx and Vi's story citing Riot's co-founder Brandon Beck's words in episode 5 of Bridging the Rift, a behind-the-scenes series about the creation of Arcane.

"The fact that we can spend five hours in Piltover and Zaun [in season 1], and then do it again in a second season, before we start to zoom out of this one little corner of the world and this handful of characters, just the possibility space is so wild," he said, and a rumor that Season 2 would be the last, at least for the main pair, spread around the internet.

It's by no means a confirmation of its end, but I'd be okay with this story about two sisters finding a conclusion. Everything good should end while it's still good. Considering the series' popularity, Riot Games and Fortiche Production will most likely focus on other characters in the LoL universe.

Arcane Season 2 episode 1 will be released this November. Meanwhile, check out our interview with Riot's Production Designer/Senior Concept Artist Arnaud-Loris Baudry, who told us about the production process behind Arcane and explained how Piltover and Zaun were made.

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