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ArtStation Responds to the "No to AI-Generated Images" Protest

The website plans to update its Terms of Service and introduce new tags.

Following yesterday's massive protest against AI-generated images, the ArtStation team has published a lengthy statement responding to the concerned artists and sharing their intentions on dealing with questions of artist permissions and AI generators.

In case you somehow missed it, yesterday, thousands of 2D and 3D Artists joined the "No to AI-Generated Images" protest, demanding that ArtStation removes AI content from the website. Acknowledging the worries shared by creators from all across the globe, ArtStation released a detailed response in which they spoke about the presence of AI imagery on the platform and explained how they plan to make the user experience more convenient going forward.

Firstly, regarding the AI content in general, ArtStation stated that they currently have no plans on banning it from the platform, saying that the rules of the website don't necessarily forbid creators from using artificial intelligence in their workflows.

"ArtStation’s content guidelines do not prohibit the use of AI in the process of artwork being posted," reads the statement. "ArtStation is a portfolio platform designed to elevate and celebrate originality powered by a community of artists. The works on your portfolio should be work that you created and we encourage you to be transparent in the process."

Secondly, the team shared how they plan to deal with questions about artist permissions and AI art generators, claiming that they are set to introduce new tags, which will allow artists to mark whether they want their art to be used in AI training or not, and update the website's ToS to reflect the new tags.

"We plan to add tags enabling artists to choose to explicitly allow or disallow the use of their art for training non-commercial AI research and training commercial AI. We plan to update the ArtStation website's Terms of Service to disallow the use of art by AI where the artist has chosen to disallow it. We don't plan to add either of these tags by default, in which case the use of the art by AI will be governed solely by copyright law rather than restrictions in our Terms of Service."

And lastly, the team responded to the accusations of having business deals with the creators of AI generators, stating that they don't have any and that they wouldn't sell the artworks of their users to other companies under any circumstances.

"As part of our Terms of Service, all of the artwork you post on ArtStation belongs to you. We will not sell or license your artwork to other companies. Epic does not make any agreements with companies allowing them to scrape content on our website. Any use of ArtStation content that is not consistent with our terms of service may be an infringement on the rights of ArtStation users."

You can read the full statement here. Also, don't forget to join our Reddit page and our Telegram channel, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, where we share breakdowns, the latest news, awesome artworks, and more.

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Comments 4

  • Anonymous user

    Artstation does not even allow uploading photographs you have taken yourself.  If they did, I could maybe accept them allowing AI generated art.  Maybe.  

    However AI generated art is less original than taking your own photos out in the world, and requires zero effort by comparison.  It doesn't get less creative than typing in some key words into a program and have it spit out a result.  It is one thing if you were showing off an AI generator that you yourself coded from scratch, but just relying on generators made by others to produce content based off of existing material is so damn lazy and pathetic it's laughable that anyone defends it.  

    This doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to use AI in your own projects and art, by all means go ahead.  But places like Artstation are places for professional artists to upload their portfolios and show their talent.  It requires no skill, effort or imagination to use an AI-image generator.

    If Artstation is going to keep from allowing anyone to upload their photography, then AI imagery should absolutely be banned.  This absurd hypocrisy is really hurting the reputation of the platform.


    Anonymous user

    ·a year ago·
  • Anonymous user

    Everyone is freaking out about AI taking there jobs. Why? You can’t copyright AI generated content of any kind, over 100 countries including the US have already ruled on the matter. All AI generated content is public domain. Also the images that AI is consuming for its dataset training is covered under fair use laws. The first creators of these art generating AI tried to make it so that all the content AI generated was copyrightable, because the creators wanted to build mass portfolios of intellectual property based on the content AI generated. Well, the courts quickly squashed that idea and declared AI generated content to be un-copyrightable and in the public domain. Company's are not going to  use AI generated content when they have no legal protection for the ideas they generate. Imagen if mickey mouse was AI generated, Disney would have no legal copyright claim to him and anyone could do as they wish with the concept of mickey mouse.


    Anonymous user

    ·a year ago·
  • Anonymous user

    Yeah, sure, and artists are victims here. Typical leftist black and white picture.


    Anonymous user

    ·a year ago·
  • Anonymous user

    Typical capitalist pigs, ArtStation!


    Anonymous user

    ·a year ago·

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