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Atmospheric VHS-Themed Sandbox Game Now Features Jiggle Physics

Cutting-edge stuff.

Indie Game Developer Jon, a.k.a. EVILEMPIRE, continues working on Super VHS, a cozy and atmospheric Unreal Engine-powered first-person sandbox inspired by Red Letter Media, demonstrating a new "cutting-edge" feature added to the game.

As showcased in the developer's latest demo, Super VHS is set to feature impressive jiggle physics, applied not to what has already come to your naughty mind but rather to an old-school telephone cord model that stretches and contracts in a realistic manner. According to Jon, the secret behind the setup is quite simple: the cord is just a physics cable with a spiral texture applied to it. "The only trick is the spirals get thinner the longer the cable stretches, really sells the effect," commented the creator.

And here are some of the earlier behind-the-scenes demos for Super VHS shared by Jon, you can see more on Twitter and wishlist the game itself on Steam:

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