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August 2023 Free Unreal Engine Marketplace Content Revealed

This month's selection features packs for creating ships and underwater worlds, museums and Venice-style environments, and more.

Following their monthly tradition, Epic Games has released August 2023's featured free Unreal Engine Marketplace content. This month's selection features four amazing asset packs for creating various 3D environments and a third-person interaction template focused on immersion with objects in the world.

Here's what you can grab for free this month:

Ultimate Ship Package/110+ Assets by Pack Dev

This is a Prop package made in a PBR pipeline, well suited for both AAA quality projects and projects with a focus on optimization and performance.


  • 179 meshes total
  • Number of Textures: 564
  • All textures are custom-made
  • Number of Materials: 234
  • 34 base materials
  • 200 material instances
  • Demo Scene with setup lighting and example layout for the environment - Day
  • Demo Scene with setup lighting and example layout for the environment - Night

Museum Environment Kit by ArtcoreStudios

Museum Environment Kit is a set of assets that allows you to create realistic museums, galleries, and other types of facilities.


  • Realistic quality
  • Number of modular meshes
  • Realistic demonstration level to showcase asset quality
  • Material instances for further customization
  • Museum props

The Immersive Template by DYLO Gaming

A third-person interaction template focused on immersion with objects in the world.


  • Number of Blueprints: 7 (Additional are for examples)
  • Input: Default inputs + ones you can copy into your character
  • Supported Development Platforms: Mac & Windows
  • Multiplayer is experimental so you will have to tweak some things to get it working perfectly
  • Simplest integration is to add to your project, delete the folder's skeleton, replace with yours, add inputs, component, necessary sockets, use correct animation blueprint (video will come out soon)

Corals by DmitriyDryzhak

Here you can find a lot of coral models, at all it is around 79 units. Package includes pre gathered groups of corals and self-illumination textures for night sea bottom.


  • Texture Sizes: 4096x4096
  • Scaled to Epic skeleton: yes
  • Collision: no
  • LODs: no
  • Number of Meshes: 79
  • Number of Materials and Material Instances: 8
  • Number of Textures: 25

Venice – fast building by Deelus

Realistic environment of Venice made mostly with blueprints and blueprint for generating procedural buildings.


  • Procedural random building generation
  • Blueprints for fast building your level
  • Realistic gondola with blueprint-based animation
  • High quality meshes
  • Interior illusion
  • PBR materials
  • Number of Unique Meshes: 247
  • Collision: Yes
  • Vertex Count: 4 to about 7.500
  • LODs: Yes (where appropriate)
  • Number of Materials and Material Instances: 22 Parent, 114 Instances, 2 Decals
  • Number of Textures: 119

Learn more and download the packs here. Also, don't forget to join our 80 Level Talent platform and our Telegram channel, follow us on ThreadsInstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn, where we share breakdowns, the latest news, awesome artworks, and more.

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