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Bake Animation To Camera With Blender's Copy Global Transform Tool

Released as a part of the Copy Global Transform add-on for Blender 4.2 Alpha, this handy tool allows you to animate on Twos and more with camera motion on Ones by generating new keys.

In this video, the cube animated on Twos is standing still in non-animated frames. As the camera moves, you still see the movements in the screen space. However, this new tool made by Blender's developer Sybren Stüvel ensures the cube stays still in screen space instead.

Released as a part of the Copy Global Transform add-on under the name Fix to Camera, it forces selected objects (including bones) to remain static in relation to the camera on unkeyed frames by generating new keys. These keys will be of type "Generated" so that it remains clear which keys were created manually, and which were generated this way.

Fix to Camera tool can be re-run to re-generate the keys. It operates on the scene frame range or on the preview range if that is active. There are also some checkboxes available to choose Location, Rotation, and Scale.

To start animating on Twos with Fix to Camera, you need to download Blender 4.2 Alpha and simply enable the Copy Global Transform add-on.

Here's a better video showcasing how it works:

If you're a Blender animator, check out some other recent Blender add-ons you might find useful to streamline your workflow like this tool made by Hamdi Amer to update Motion Paths in real-time:

And if you're looking for simple and efficient ways to manipulate object visibility for disappearing effects, check out Quick Vanish:

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