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Baldur's Gate 3 Developer Was One of Biggest Contributors in Blasphemous Kickstarter Campaign

It's nice to see bigger studios helping indie ones.

Image credit: The Game Kitchen | Blasphemous

While Larian Studios was busy developing Baldur's Gate 3, it also helped other, smaller companies achieve their dreams. 

One of the games that felt its support was Blasphemous, an indie Metroidvania developed by The Game Kitchen. Its developer, Enrique Colinet, shared that Larian was one of the biggest contributors during the Blasphemous Kickstarter campaign in 2017.

"They dropped a 4 figures sum, never asked for their rewards and just kept making one of the best games ever done in recent years.


Since then, Blasphemous has become one of the most popular indie games and received a sequel – a nice investment for Larian, who didn't even ask for anything in return.

The BG3 creator is among the best-behaved game developers out there now, standing against corporate greed and layoffs. While it's sad Larian is moving on from Baldur's Gate, I think it's for the best – no one wants to see Game of the Year becoming a cash cow.

Who knows how many other indie projects have been helped by the studio? Hopefully, we'll never hear anything bad about it, and Larian will forever retain its spotless reputation. 

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