Beyond Good & Evil 2 Is Now the Most Delayed AAA Game Ever

Ubisoft's action-adventure even beats Duke Nukem Forever which previously was the title with the longest wait between a game being first announced and it actually being released.

The new part of Ubisoft's action-adventure game Beyond Good and Evil was first teased more than 14 years ago, however, the game still doesn't have even an approximate release date.

It turns out that the title can rightfully be called the most delayed AAA game as it was recently noticed that it beats another long-in-development game, Duke Nukem Forever, in terms of the wait between a game being first announced and it actually being released.

The fact that Beyond Good and Evil is now already longer in development than Duke Nukem Forever was became noticed by's Managing Editor Brendan Sinclair. Sinclair took to Twitter to compare the two games as they have a similar history – both titles were under uninterrupted development by the same team and both teams spent over 14 years working on the game.

Sinclair recalled that Duke Nukem Forever was first announced in April 1997 but it was constantly being remade so developers delayed it a number of times. As a result, the release of the title took place 5156 days after its first reveal, on June 10, 2011.

Beyond Good & Evil 2, meanwhile, was first announced in the spring of 2008. The game was initially planned as a sequel to the original adventure game. The title was delayed many times, and later the developers completely abandoned the original plans to create a sequel and decided to make a prequel set in a huge open world. Up to date, Beyond Good and Evil 2 has blown past the total number of days it took Duke Nukem Forever developers to finish the game.

The title still doesn't have an estimated release date, but, according to well-known leaker and insider Tom Henderson, Ubisoft has already started closed testing. Henderson also previously stated that the game development is going very poorly citing a "lack of creative direction." Ubisoft's CEO Yves Guillemot, however, claimed at the time that the title was "coming along very well".

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