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Capcom President Thinks Current Game Prices Are Too Low

The manager believes that increasing development costs should be compensated. 

In a recent interview, Capcom President Haruhiro Tsujimoto shared that in his opinion current game prices are "too low." He noted that development costs have increased by a hundredfold since the days of the Famicom (NES), "but the price of software hasn’t risen so much."

Credit: Capcom, Resident Evil 4 - Separate Ways

"Personally, I feel that game prices are too low," Tsujimoto said. "Development costs are around 100 times higher than they were in the days of the Famicom (NES), but the price of software hasn’t risen so much."

It is worth noting that Capcom is one of the few big game industry players that has not raised the price of standard editions of their games from $60 to $70. It appears the team might be considering the option of increasing prices in the future.

To support his opinion, Tsujimoto also emphasized that game studios are raising salaries to attract talented employees. In March 2022, Capcom increased the average salaries of their employees by 30%. The president noted that raising prices could help offset such expenses.

Tsujimoto says he is confident that high-quality games will always sell well, even in times of crisis. "Just as the recession doesn’t stop people from going to the cinema or going to their favourite artist’s concert, high-quality games will continue to sell well," Tsujimoto said. "Even during the Lehman Brothers collapse, games sold well."

You can find the full story here. Previously, the President of Capcom said he would politely decline a merger with Microsoft if such an offer was made. They would like to focus on the development of their own employees and organic growth.

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