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CD PROJEKT RED Won't Cut Single-Player Components for Multiplayer

The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077 maker is in no hurry to follow trends.

Image credit: CD PROJEKT RED | Cyberpunk 2077

Live service and multiplayer games take up a huge chunk of the market, but doesn't it mean single-player experiences are going out of fashion? 

Not in CD PROJEKT RED's book. The studio has no plans to chase trends at its main games' expense. According to the joint CEO Michal Nowakowski, the Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077 creator wants to continue doing what it does best and produce great narrative RPGs without trying to occupy the multiplayer niche.

"For years we've been saying that we do want to continue what we've been doing so far. So that means making big RPG games. Story-rich, story-driven, open worlds. We may at some point have some multiplayer components, but again, it's not about slicing the single-player components even thinner just for the sake of adding multiplayer. That's definitely not going to happen," he told Game Developer. "If we're going to add something, we're truly going to add something as an extra."

The company considered multiplayer elements for Cyberpunk 2077's sequel at some point but it's unclear if it will actually happen. Moreover, The Molasses Flood's upcoming Witcher game is rumored to be a stylized multiplayer game with several game modes, a class system, and social activities.

For the time being, CD PROJEKT RED is sticking to its single-player guns; it is sure there is an audience for its games. 

"I believe strong that there's definitely a space for the games that we make. For really, really big open world games that offer you an epic experience. That offer some artistic experience," he added. "This is something that's always been very important to us as a studio, and we'll continue to make them. The hard facts. The business speaks for itself and confirms there's room for games like that. People don't necessarily want to follow whatever is the newest trend."

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