Chaos Has Launched Corona 10 for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D

The recently released Corona 10 focuses on optimizing a workflow.

The newest version of Chaos's renderer for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D, Corona 10, has been published. It extends Corona Decal, adds support for volumes in the Corona Camera, and enhances highlight blurring.

The updated Corona Decal takes on a whole new life in the workflow, providing the option to have a Decal effect only in specific channels of the material. For instance, you can now simply adjust and place a crack on a brick wall without changing the colour or other characteristics of the bricks and mortar. Alternately, use displacement to create footprints while preserving the ground's original texture.

The Bump and Displacement channels in a Decal material can also be combined or overwritten with the corresponding channels in the base material, according to your preferences. Keep in mind that for any of these choices to be accessible, both the Decal and the underlying object must be utilising a Corona Physical Material. But with any substance, displacement, bump, opacity, and emission ought to function.

The new update also covered the lighting. By turning on the new DOF Highlight Solver, you may significantly enhance the appearance of blurring any highlights. This new solution will function as intended with customised aperture shapes, enabling you to get the precise results.

Outside the software itself, the Corona Benchmark has been updated to the Corona 10 rendering core. The core of Corona has evolved dramatically since it was published, and the prior Benchmark was beginning to get old. This indicates that a brand-new Corona Benchmark is necessary. It has its own release blog where you can read all the specifics about it because it has so many upgrades and is accessible to everyone, not just Corona users.

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