Check Out a New Attack Animation Made For a UE5 Superhero Game

Project Warden continues to grow and will soon be available to wishlist on Steam.

Back in 2023, an anonymous Solo Game Developer from Australia astounded audiences by unveiling Project Warden, an upcoming indie game powered by Unreal Engine 5 that aims to blend high-energy superhero-style action with the captivating mechanics of roguelike gameplay in one engaging experience.

Since the initial reveal, the developer has been continuously building excitement for the title with impressive gameplay demos, showcasing Project Warden's cool combat animations and movement mechanics.

Recently, the developer shared one more demo showcasing the game's main character's new ultimate ability that enables her to initiate fights with a stylish AoE attack, continue by attacking multiple enemies in quick succession, and finish it with Gravity Wave, a previously demonstrated mechanic that allows the player to push away multiple enemies at the same time. Additionally, the author stated that the game will be available to wishlist on Steam in the near future, promising to share an announcement on Twitter as soon as it happens.

Earlier, the developer also showcased Project Warden's flying and combat mechanics, destructions, and more. You can check out more demos and learn more about the game by clicking this link.

If you would like to learn more about setting up gameplay animations in Unreal Engine, here are some great tutorials that might help you out:

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