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Check Out a New Custom Node For Applying Bone Dynamics in Maya

The node supports four types of collisions and works in real-time.

Hiroyuki Akasaki, a brilliant 3D Animator/Rigger and Character Artist, who just recently impressed us with a series of experiments with soft body meshes, has recently released a mind-blowing custom node for Maya that will help you push your 3D rigs to the next level.

Meet boneDynamicsNode, a brand-new setup from Akasaki that lets you easily apply bone dynamics to joint chains in real-time and get smooth dynamic rigs that can shake in a lifelike manner. As explained by the author, the node supports four types of collisions (ground, sphere, capsule, and infinite plane), branching, and scale per section, allows you to manipulate the converging pose, lets you easily cancel the transform, and more.

3DCG Artist and Rigger known online as GACCHI was among the first ones to experiment with the setup, using it to rig the hairstyle for a digital 3D model of Sousou no Frieren's Fern:

You can learn more and download the node for free by clicking this link.

Also, check out some of Akasaki's previous experiments with Maya: 

We highly encourage you to visit Hiroyuki Akasaki's Twitter page to check out more amazing projects.

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