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Check Out a ZBrush-Made Tool For Creating Base Meshes for Characters

Emilie Boisvert demonstrated a neat custom tool that simplifies the creation of stylized characters.

Lead Character Artist and Associate Art Director at Spearhead Games Emilie Boisvert has recently shared an insightful post on LinkedIn, commenting on creating stylized characters for a game and showcasing a robust tool that helped the team address this task effectively.

In her post, Emilie emphasized the importance of providing solid base meshes to maintain consistency in style as the game development team grew. With the goal being to capture the essence of the style of the game without putting too much personality into each character, Emilie had set up a useful tool that uses layering in ZBrush to make the character creation process very similar to that of a regular game, thus helping beginning artist make sure that their progress adheres to the game's overall style. The artist further noted that the use of this tool wasn't mandatory, and creators could use it as much or as little as they felt comfortable.

"As we discovered, this tool proved to be super useful," commented the author. "Sometimes we just didn't have the time to fuss around, and some days we felt more capable than others; the important thing is we had a safety net, something that anchored us as a team so that on days where we felt super inspired and confident we could venture forth fearlessly knowing we could always come back to the basics."

You can find the original post and find out more about the team's approach to character creation by visiting Emilie's LinkedIn page.

And here are some insightful guides on using ZBrush's Layers:

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