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Check Out These Modular 3D Assets for Creating Fantasy Environments in UE

The assets are free until the end of January.

If you've ever wanted to create fantasy environments in Unreal Engine, then these modular 3D assets might come in handy. 

Take a look at the bundle created by Denys Rutkovsky, an Environment Artist, who we actually talked to about the production of his Fantasy Castle Kit for Unreal Engine 4 a few years ago. Fantasy Bundle Environment Kit 3 in 1 is a totally free bundle that will help you create a medieval castle from your favorite movie or game.

Image credit: Denys Rutkovsky

Image credit: Denys Rutkovsky

Image credit: Denys Rutkovsky

Image credit: Denys Rutkovsky

Here's another one, created by Rasmus Bagner, which is also for free. Ithris Cemetery is a fantasy graveyard with modular elements ideal for practicing lighting or level art.

Here you can experience a high-quality, visually distinct art style in this scene, featuring a wide range of assets. With over 150 static meshes, including a modular chapel exterior (without interior), and 11 tilable materials, this scene is perfect for practicing lighting techniques. Whether you're looking to create a showcase scene, design levels using modular assets, or implement them into an existing game project, this versatile scene will help you.

Image credit: Rasmus Bagner

Image credit: Rasmus Bagner

You can find these sets of assets, and even more, here, and they will be available until the end of January.

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