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Check Out This Beat 'em Up Featuring Brutal Hand-to-Hand Combat

Acts of Blood is a dystopian indie project set in Indonesia.

Set foot on the dystopian streets of Bandung, Indonesia, seeking revenge in fast-paced hand-to-hand combat in Acts of Blood, an upcoming beat 'em up by developer Fajrul FN.

Fajrul FN

"In the bustling city of Bandung, Hendra's life torn apart when his family is slain by his father's business rival. Left alone and seeking justice, the college law student finds no help from the corrupt legal system that protects the killers. Discovering a powerful group behind the attack, Hendra decides to take revenge himself, determined to make them pay for their actions."

While the protagonist shows off some crazy hand movements, he can also use various melee and range weapons like bats, knives, pistols, and rifles. Brutal attacks, blocks, and counters are the essence of the game and will keep you entertained together with bloody finishers.

The creator promises impactful fights and realistic breakage (of both the environment and people). You don't only punch with style, your movement is made cooler with traditional parkour, which allows for dynamic escapes and better positioning.

Acts of Blood is still in development. Wishlist it on Steam and follow Fajrul FN on X/Twitter to never miss any updates.

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