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Check out this Celtic-Inspired Retro JRPG set in a Pixelated World

You can definitely expect more from this indie RPG other than strategic fights. There's a dog to pet and aid in healing, fireflies that lend a gentle glow to the night, and a frog that'll give you a surprise.

Image Credit: Datadyne LLC, Forge of the Fae

In a typical Japanese Role-Playing Game (JRPG), you'd join a young hero or a bunch of heroes on an epic adventure, aiming to save their world from some big, bad evil. Forge of the Fae, an indie JRPG we're introducing today follows a similar routine, but with a unique setting in ancient Celtic folklore.
In this game, you start by joining forces with Fiora, an ingenious inventor on a mission to unravel a string of mystery disappearances. Plunge into an engrossing fantasy realm brimming with magic, wonder, and peril.

Image Credit: Datadyne LLC, Forge of the Fae

Image Credit: Datadyne LLC, Forge of the Fae

The world is thrown into turmoil as a miners' strike intensifies, leading to the Mining Company employing force to suppress dissent. Amid this tumult, individuals are disappearing, magnifying the chaos. However, Fiora remains undeterred in her quest.

The game immerses you in a Celtic-inspired world full of mystery and boundless possibilities. Its diverse characters, each with unique playstyles, provide a dynamic gameplay experience, challenging you to strategize and unearth hidden truths.

Image Credit: Datadyne LLC, Forge of the Fae

Image Credit: Datadyne LLC, Forge of the Fae

Your decisions can significantly alter the course of the story, making every choice count. Enhance your loyal Mechanical Faerie and utilize the innovative Crystal System to wield potent Fae magic. Each battle and hurdle will challenge you, honing your skills and knowledge of this enthralling universe.

As the game evolves, the developer has been sharing footage and graphics, some of which provide a closer look at the NPCs, scenes, and gameplay. 

As the sun goes down, the gang gears up for one last fight, hoping to rest easy after a victory:

When night falls, the surroundings become quiet, and Fiora is accompanied by the gentle glow of fireflies, a peaceful moment to enjoy:

Where does that ribbit sound come from? Surprise!

Coldsnap from Ice Hag, be careful:

Stroking this adorable pup alleviates the exhaustion from battles:

The developer, Datadyne, is a Tokyo-based indie game studio. Despite no specific release date yet, you can already wishlist the game on Steam and follow the game's Twitter account to be updated on its new progress. 

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