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Check Out This Impressive Knot Formation Simulation Made in Houdini

The creator also showed what happens if you keep pulling the rope.

In every person's life, there comes a moment when they yearn to forgo their usual methods of achieving the desired goals and try out something entirely new, seeking to explore the murky waters of the unknown for self-improvement, curiosity, necessity, or simply for the sake of it.

Eugene Fokin, an experienced Lead Artist and Art Director, has recently found himself in this precise situation, with his recent project depicting something you don't see very often: a realistic knot formation simulation.

Traditionally, Eugene stated, simulating knots in 3D wasn't a primary focus of his career, with knots modeled with ZBrush's ZSpheres usually sufficing. Recently though, the creator's curiosity drove him to set up a fully simulated knot formation using SideFX's procedural 3D software, Houdini. According to the creator, the final result was achieved with Tetrahedral Stretch constraints in Houdini's Vellum, a simulation framework that uses an extended Position Based Dynamics approach and can be used to simulate cloth, hair, softbodies, balloons, grains, and more.

And here's what happens if you continue pulling the rope:

We highly encourage you to visit Eugene Fokin's ArtStation and LinkedIn pages to see more of the author's awesome projects.

And here are some great tutorials that will help you get started with Houdini's Vellum:

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