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Check Out This Oneiric, Odd Yet Intriguing Surreal Indie Horror Game

Eclipsium offers a unique and captivating spin on the horror genre.

Image Credit: Housefiregames, Eclipsium

Get ready to hold your breath as has indie game developer Housefiregames just shared new footage of their indie horror game, Eclipsium. 

Even if you plan to watch it on your own, I can't help but discuss it briefly — it's simply too compelling not to talk about after viewing.

Image Credit: Housefiregames, Eclipsium

Well, you grab a blood-red apple, triggering the disco music, and watch as a young girl's discarded apple is consumed by a broom-riding witch. The apple core turns into a  youthful maiden through whose body you enter another world, which greets you with a ghastly fumo. 

Image Credit: Housefiregames, Eclipsium

Eclipsium follows in the chilling footsteps of Rooted in Darkness, an engrossing brief horror experience that guides you on a path filled with terror and darkness, all rendered in captivating low-poly graphics.

In Eclipsium, your goal is to navigate through a labyrinth of darkness and confusion towards a distant looming tower. But reaching the tower is merely the start of this immersive horror adventure.

More footage shared by the developer offered us a closer examination of the game's unique approach to horror. Take this peculiar cube as an example. You'll understand just how 'peculiar' it is once you've seen it:

You may experience strange dreams in real life, and in the game, you could also delve into the interpretation of dreams, like this:

Watch this all the way through. The music is soothing, and a pile of screaming chickens awaits your interaction. However, you can never predict what the ending holds:

Now, think you're brave enough to step into the world of Eclipsium? Be sure to download the demo and add the game to your Steam wishlist and don't forget to follow the developer on Twitter to be updated. 

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