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Check Out This Photorealistic High-Poly Cabinet Hinge Made in Blender

The model was set up by Tharit Banchanurat and is definitely not a reference to Cities: Skylines 2.

Have a look at this remarkably realistic 3D high-poly cabinet hinge model created by Tharit Banchanurat, a.k.a. zaparine, using Blender, a free and open-source 3D software for modeling, texturing, rendering, animation, and VFX.

Created with animations and cinematic close-ups in mind, the hinge model is composed of multiple individual pieces, with the creator investing hours to achieve a lifelike appearance, aiming for a result that looks "just like IRL". Additionally, the artist utilized black-and-white images as Bump Maps to add the text on the left side of the hinge.

Upon the initial presentation of the model, numerous comments highlighted the unusual double-slotted screw head on the door side of the hinge. In response, the artist took the initiative to address the feedback and proceeded to revise them, replacing them with appropriate Phillips screw heads.

"I was so exhausted after modeling the hinge that I didn't bother to make a proper Phillips screw head," commented zaparine. "I just thought, 'Screw it, it's just a screw, no one will spot the difference (pun intended).' But boy, was I wrong. I thought the hinge was so minor that people would ignore it, but it turns out they noticed every little detail. It was bugging me so much that I had to redo it."

And here are some of the artist's earlier works, you can check out more by visiting zaparine's Reddit page and ArtStation:

If you would like to learn more about high-poly modeling in Blender, here's a great tutorial from Tosmo that you should definitely check out:

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