Co-Op Horror Game Where You Scavenge on Abandoned Moons

In Lethal Company, you never miss the quota. Or else.

Halloween is upon us, and with it come many horror games that will brighten your evenings. One of them is Lethal Company, a new co-op experience that will turn you and your friends into contracted scavengers who collect scrap from abandoned, industrialized moons for the Company.

The Company has a profit quota, so you can chase the numbers and overwork yourself at home as well, nice! Just like in real life, the horror starts when you miss the quota, so don't.

Image credit: Zeekerss

But the corporate monster is not the only one you have to fear. All kinds of bizarre creatures are lurking in the shadows and waiting for you to stay alone. So, again, don't. In fact, this is your main objective (aside from the quota, of course), which will save your life: don't go alone.

Image credit: Zeekerss

"These dangers prey upon the vulnerable and lonesome, and the protection of your crew may be your only hope. You can guide your crewmates from your ship, using the radar to call out traps and using the ship's terminal to access remotely locked doors – or you can all go in together. The Company store has many useful tools for the job, including lights, shovels, walkie talkies, stun grenades, or boomboxes."

Image credit: Zeekerss

If you manage to stick together and survive, you can order more useful tools or cool suits for the Company's money. Alternatively, use the cash to travel to new moons with higher risks and rewards. Expand your bestiary by scanning the creatures you find, explore the outdoors, and don't leave anyone behind.

Image credit: Zeekerss

Lethal Company is available on Steam and currently has an Overwhelmingly Positive rating from 1,097 players.

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