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Cozy Castle-Builder Tiny Glade Now Has a First-Person View Mode

Explore your creations and pet sheep from a new perspective.

A little over a week ago, indie development team Pounce Light released a demo version of Tiny Glade, a relaxing castle-building simulator with procedural mechanics, allowing fans to experience an early version of the most anticipated cozy game in the market ahead of its release entirely for free. The community eagerly embraced the opportunity, sharing countless impressive setups ranging from recreations of famous real-life and fictional castles to entirely unique personal creations, villages, rockets, and more.

To express their gratitude for such an enthusiastic reception, the team's Anastasia Opara and Tomasz Stachowiak have shared an exciting update announcing the addition of a brand-new gameplay feature to Tiny Glade – a first-person view mode.

Accessible via the photo settings, the novel feature lets players experience the game from a fresh perspective, enabling them to explore their creations, pet sheep, and touch digital grass – all in first-person. "This new camera mode is still a work in progress, and we don't check for collisions with what you've built – so be careful walking through walls," noted the team.

If you would like to learn more about Tiny Glade and the development process behind it, we highly recommend checking out our interview with Anastasia and Tomasz, who recently joined us to discuss Tiny Glade's history, proceduralism, Bevy, Rust, self-publishing a video game, and the "cozy games" genre as a whole.

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