Deep Dive into Mastering Nuke with CGCircuit

CGCircuit has developed masterclass series to bring to you the foundation of Nuke and compositing as performed in the VFX industry.

CGCircuit has published a series of courses dedicated to the foundation of Nuke and compositing. The series includes step-by-step tutorials from beginner to advanced level, each part is dedicated to specific features and tools of Nuke, making the series a complete full guide, starting from introduction to Nuke, geometry, shading, lighting, working with green screens till visual effects workflow and digital make-up. 

"This is not just about learning the functionalities of the software, but understanding a professional compositing workflow, to speed up your work, train your eye, and learn the proper compositing techniques used in the industry. This will bring you a new world of creativity while teaching you how to be a professional VFX artist.", comments the CGCircuit team.

Author of the course

The course is prepared by Florian Girardot, an international artist specializing in computer graphics, visual effects, interaction, and video projection. He is also the director of several short movies and a visual effect teacher. In 2011 he obtained his master's degree in Arts and Technologies of Digital image with honors at the University Paris 8 in France. He worked around the world on major feature films (Deadpool 2, Spider-man, Detective Pikachu, etc.). Florian also created several interactive installations which have been showcased in major festivals (such as SIGGRAPH Los Angeles, USA, and The light festival of Lyon, France). 

"I believe in practice to understand and learn concepts, so each course in the series will be based on a concrete shot example. On top of learning new techniques and achieving something real, you’ll be able to use the shots you’ve done in your demo-reel.", says Florian.

Mastering Nuke Vol.1 – Your first shot

The first tutorial in the series is available for free on CGCircuit's YouTube channel and their website.

In this course, you will learn how to assemble and finalize a full CG shot, and through the process, you will discover the powerful tools of Nuke and its interface. No previous experience or knowledge is required. Every step is carefully commented on and explained with the goal to make you a compositor in just a few hours.

In this tutorial, you'll get to learn the powerful 3D functions of Nuke:

  • Geometry creation,
  • Shading,
  • Lighting,
  • Animation,
  • Camera projection

By the end of this tutorial, you’ll be confident using 3D in Nuke, and be able to create and animate your own matte-paintings or photos. 

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This tutorial will teach you how to remove green screens and blue screens in Nuke with the proper workflow and tools. Chroma keying can be challenging if you do not know where to begin. So, you will be guided in a practical approach by creating a shot that will teach you the fundamentals of chromakeying in Nuke.

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In this course, you will learn everything you need to know about render passes, AOVs, and layers, how to use them properly to enhance your compositing workflow, and get the best out of your CG renders. You will also learn how to use concept art, color keys, and reference images to direct your work.

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In this course, you will learn some of the most important techniques to Paint out, Roto, and Track in Nuke. This course will teach you those techniques that will give you the feeling that there are no limitations to image manipulation. 

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"Rotoing, tracking, painting could seem a bit fastidious, but with the right tools and the right workflow, you’ll see that it is actually not that hard, and even pretty enjoyable!", comments the CGCircuit team.

In this course, you will discover the possibilities of the particles in NukeX:

  • Floating Dust,
  • Smoke,
  • Rain,
  • Dripping water

You will achieve a great shot like in the other courses, and in the end, you’ll be confident creating realistic or stylized particle systems that you’ll be able to integrate into your shots or motion design creation.

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In this online course, you will discover the advantages of Deep compositing and how to use it properly in your comp workflow. In this course, you'll learn to optimize your deep comp using it as part of your workflow.

"Comping deep passes can be very difficult, heavy, and frustrating if you don't use the proper techniques.", says the CGCircuit team.

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In this course, you will discover how to retouch faces in Nuke digitally. Removing spots, wrinkles, smoothing skins, changing eyes colors, adding face tattoos. The mentor will show you how to work with techniques and tools, such as KeenTools, to easily build CG faces and track them to be then able to make make-up magic.

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With this course, you will dive deep into colors and rendering in Nuke.
The main questions that will be explained during the course:

  • What are LUTs?
  • How to use ACES?
  • What are the most effective ways to improve my comp workflow and speed up renderings?

You will learn how to work faster, maintain quality and color accuracy through the different steps of your VFX and CG pipeline.

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In this online course, you’ll learn all the essential steps of CG integration and shot finishing as performed in most VFX studios. From preparing the plate for comp work, tracking, painting, integrating a CG creature all over up to doing the final technical checks and outputting proper DI-mattes for final editing and color grading.

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This Masterclass series is available also to Companies and Schools via a Subscription plan. Check CGCircuit for Teams here

Also, you may check out the courses' overviews and useful tutorials at CGCircuit's Youtube channel

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