Deep Dive Into Procedural Content Generation for Games

Breda University of Applied Sciences announced the Everything Procedural Conference, which will be held on April, 22. Come and join the event to hear about various topics ranging from procedural game design, level design, audio, and world-building to generative art. 

On Friday, April 22nd, 2022 Breda University of Applied Sciences will host the fifth edition of the Everything Procedural Conference. The Conference covers various topics ranging from procedural game design, level design, audio, and world-building to generative art. Presentations are provided by leading figures in the field, presenting procedural content applications in companies from indie game development to AAA games. Among confirmed speakers of the conference, the participants will hear from leading AAA game studios, including Epic Games, Playground Games, Remedy Games, and Embark Studios. Additionally, preceding Everything Procedural, a one-day SideFX Houdini Masterclass will take place by Simon Verstraete. 

Featured Sessions: 

How proceduralism helps create Forza Horizon 5’s version of Mexico
Speaker: Andrea Riccardi & Ole Greonbaek - Playground Games 
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Andrea Riccardi and Ole Greonbaek from Playground Games will outline how Houdini and the procedural world-building were used when building the beautiful and diverse world of Mexico for Forza Horizon 5. Andrea will be discussing the data sets, processes, and development choices, while Ole will walk you through the artists' workflow and output.

Create and Fracture - Remedy's CONTROL: Foundation DLC
Speaker: Johannes Richter - Remedy Games 
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This talk sheds light on how the team developed visuals and functionality of Create and Fracture - the two new abilities central to exploring the caves under the Oldest House in the CONTROL: The Foundation DLC. The entire process from exploration to implementation was rooted in procedural workflows, making Houdini a central part. 

Generating Procedural Inventory
Speaker: Mark R. Johnson
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In this talk, Mark will outline techniques for generating *all* items within a game - from books to weapons, from gemstones to spices. Through the case study of the experimental roguelike game Ultime Ratio Regum he will explore some of his techniques for doing this; how to create a shared look for generated items from similar cultures; why some categories of items might be more or less PCG-able than others, and the player experience of a world of solely generated items. 

'In Breda, we prepare the next generation of game developers, in a simulated game development studio where students work on different game projects in which they take a contributing role. Students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended time to investigate and respond to a complex question, problem, or challenge. The focus is on facilitating students to become self-driven learners that can analyze a problem and use all the resources around them. Projects will become more complex and increase in scope towards AAA development cycles including development tools and hardware towards the conclusion of their study. Our alumni hold strong positions (of which in various procedural applications) at various AAA studios across the globe of which Ubisoft, EA, and Guerrilla Games. We offer both a Bachelor (CMGT) and Master (MGT) program.', adds the event's organizer team, Breda University of Applied Sciences

You may check out the full program of the conference and get your ticket here

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