Digital Avatars And The Changing Fashion Landscape

Will digital avatars replace human models? 

One of the things that always change is fashion. It always manages to adapt to reality, and a new generation of CGI models shows that humans are not that important anymore. 

You don't have to be made of flesh and bones anymore to get a great fashion contract - you just need a cool-looking digitally rendered avatar. One of the first models to enter the new world was Miquela Sousa, also known as @lilmiquela. Created back in 2016, Miquela is one of the new faces of a new front of artificial influencers.

These models are always wearing the latest labels and trends and they continue to take over the Prada Instagram and other fashion giants. Cyberpunk is already here. 

There is also Noonoouri with Bratz cartoon eyes, for example. She was created by art director Joerg Zuber a couple of years ago, and now she is more popular than most of the human fashion models. The cartoony model is all about current season looks Dior, Jacquemus, and other well-known brands.

How do these new digital models impact the careers of real models? Are robots replacing humans in the workforce? Answering these questions might be a bit challenging, but the landscape is changing and the fashion brands don't have to pay big bucks anymore.

What do you think about this fashion trend? WIll digital avatars replace humans? Let's discuss the CG models in the comments! 

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