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Disney Animator Shows That It's OK to Break Things to Get a Good Result

Apparently, renowned animation studios are not afraid to bend the rules to achieve a perfect shot.

Tony Bonilla, a talented Animator at Walt Disney Animation Studios who worked on such movies as Moana, Zootopia, Encanto, and many others, has recently shared a reassuring Twitter post showing that even big-league AAA animation studios can sometimes break the rules in order to achieve a perfect shot.

Featuring just two images, the post provided a behind-the-scenes look at one of the shots created by Bonilla for Encanto, Disney's 2021 musical fantasy comedy film, demonstrating the protagonist Mirabel with elongated and non-anatomically-accurate arms, which are not seen in the actual movie but are more than evident when seen from another angle.

According to the author, the hands were placed like so simply because "this is where they looked best with the 85mm camera" and would have ruined Mirabel's eyeline had they been placed closer to her face.

So, if you are an Animator and sometimes feel bad about having to twist a character's anatomy to get a good result – don't. Everyone does that, even Disney.

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