Elden Ring's Starscourge Radahn Defeated With a Graphics Tablet

Twitch streamer Luality has found yet another peculiar way of defeating FromSoftware's bosses.

With 80 Level being dedicated primarily to game development and 3D art, the most common use case for graphics tablets we encounter is to be an essential piece of hardware for 3D Artists to sculpt models, draw textures, set up models, etc. Twitch streamer Luality, however, has recently shown a peculiar way of using a graphics tablet – to beat bosses from FromSoftware's games.

This time, the streamer has managed to defeat Elden Ring's Starscourge Radahn with nothing but a bunch of strokes of the stylus. To slice the sword, she needed to draw a line up, to make a backward dodge – a line down. In order to jump, the streamer required to draw a triangle, with the double jump also being possible. In the end, Luality slain the game's demigod, defeating yet another boss in a way one would never even consider.

For those unaware, Luality specializes in killing bosses from Bloodborne, Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, and Elden Ring with unusual tools, such as a Guitar Hero controller or a dance pad. Previously, the streamer managed to defeat Elden Ring's Malenia by using a soft dance pad, dancing the game's toughest boss to her death.

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